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All in one place app fatigue

Posted on:January 21, 2024

One of the most overused cliches in product marketing is the all-in-one-place app. You know, the one with a catchy graphic of someone breathing a sigh of relief or displaying numerous products now merged into one. Every time I see it, which is still somehow all the time, I immediately cringe. And roll my eyes. And die a little inside. Ok, sometimes just chuckle. Maybe all of the above. Depends on my mood.

The reality is that if being the ultimate solution is the aim, then a vast majority of these products are destined to fail. There can only be one true all-in-one-place platform. I understand the appeal of creating something like this; we’re all overwhelmed with apps. We want to simplify our lives. Their intentions are good, but the root issue is that there are just too many options in this world of overabundance.

Adding yet another app to the mix doesn’t solve this problem. Instead, it’s up to us users to adopt a more minimalist approach and set some boundaries. The notion that your product is “the one” solution is naive and somewhat self-important.

Sure, occasionally these apps prove useful, but overall it reflects lazy copywriting and product marketing. So before writing that tagline or developing that product, remember that it’s a paradox we’re not buying into – and frankly, we’re tired of seeing it.