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Announcing Recambrian

Posted on:January 16, 2024

I’d like to introduce you to my company, Recambrian. Essentially, it’s a holding company that gives me a business identity for launching various side projects and other ventures. You may find yourself in a similar spot - sometimes you have ideas for products companies that want to try out, but the process of incorporating a new business entity, trademarking, setting up bank accounts, and even domains can be daunting. That’s where Recambrian comes in for me.

Having this umbrella business allows me to test the waters without getting bogged down by administrative tasks. And if any of these projects take off, I can always spin them out into their own entities or sell them to other people. As an engineer who occasionally consults and freelances, Recambrian also provides a corporate structure for billing different types of accounts – something that can be cumbersome to set up for every little project.

Additionally, Recambrian can let me purchase services and set things up under its name, which can be helpful for tax purposes too (though I haven’t explored that aspect much yet).

As some of you may have guessed, the name itself is inspired by the Cambrian Explosio – a prehistoric period when complex life on Earth rapidly expanded and diversified.

I’ve had this company for about three years now and already had a couple experiments which I’ve wound down. I plan on launching some things soon. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for similar benefits, I highly recommend this approach. Which by the way I did not come up with, if that wasn’t super obvious already. A lot of other entrepreneurs do the exact same thing or similar.