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Hello World

Posted on:September 2, 2023

I’ve decided to start blogging again.

Why? Mainly because I enjoy writing. I find it soothing and challenging at the same time, and it helps to clarify my thinking. So it’s primarily a self-indulgent act – but I’d also share my thoughts in case they’re interesting or helpful to someone.

I don’t really like the idea of putting my stuff out there on big social networks and platforms. I’d prefer to own what I write, and give it away on my terms. Not let some giant corporation mine my data and sell ads based on how much “engagement” it produces (which in my case would likely be very little but still… it’s the principle). I can’t stand the way people tend to do that anyways. I don’t want to be another lame “thought leader” pontificating on LinkedIn for attention. If people discover something I write, and like it, that’s cool! But it needn’t come from some algorithmic feed shoving it in their face.

A lot of the most stimulating things I read come from other people’s blogs, still, in 2023. So in some ways, I hope to emulate the folks out there who I’ve benefitted from. And I have this general goal in life to shift more toward production than consumption. To giving than taking.

So anyways, what will I be writing about, you ask?

Good question! The answer? I’m not entirely sure. The most accurate response is probably just my interests :) Which are varied.

I’ve been writing and journaling on my own for years without sharing any of it, so right now I may just start by “publishing” a few of my favorites. Then I may move on to series of posts with the theme of ways to develop product and startup ideas. We’ll see. As I said, this is my outlet so I’ll go with my whims.

One very important rule I want to follow is to always let my words, and writing style, be my own voice. I want it to always come from my mind and my fingers. That means I’m never going to produce any writing on this blog that’s been co-authored or assisted by AI. Sure, I’ll use spell-check (you can count that as AI if you want). Online thesauruses. Maybe even have some other people review and give feedback before I share. But I won’t be sending GPT-4 an outline of what I want to write and letting it fill in the blanks, even though I do like using those tools for lots of things.

Just not here. You can consider these my words and thoughts alone.