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The Agony of Writing

Posted on:January 10, 2024

Going to take a break from the entrepreneur lessons from poker series. I don’t want my entire blog to be about that!

In thinking about what to write about today, to maintain this streak I have going (which, nobody knows but me and my wife, who I bother with my self-congratulatory updates about things that matter to only me)… I started by thinking that I didn’t feel like doing another poker post. So then I wrote that first sentence above.

And then, I debated whether or not I should write a meta comment at all. Shouldn’t I keep some type of clear message and point of view in my writing?

Whatever. In this post, I’m going to get meta again, because it’s what I feel like thinking about right now.

One of the things I’d say I’ve struggled with, and continue to struggle with, is how exactly to blog. Here are some of the questions I find myself asking myself:

The questions beget questions. Oh well, writing is agony. But I’m just going to keep doing it. Every day for as long as I can keep the streak alive and not break the chain. That’s another thing I believe in: that people who produce gems put out a lot of duds along the way, and you must embrace the repetition and volume. Plenty of brilliant writers and creatives have told us this: from Maya Angelou to Stephen King to Yayoi Kusama. I’m certainly not the only one to get meta about the creative process! One of my favorite books is Stephen Pressfield’s The War of Art, where he explores these themes.

None of this is permanent anyways. I can always rewrite, delete, or update stuff, right? As long as I’m alive?

See you tomorrow, for another exciting episode, blank page and self.