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Ways to come up with startup ideas – Write down your ideas

Posted on:February 16, 2024

In this series, we’ll start with the general tactics and gradually narrow down to more specific ones. Consider methods like this as essential components of your toolkit. We’re starting with the basics!

So here we go: It is A MUST to write down or somehow record your ideas.

Whether you prefer carrying a notepad, jotting notes on your phone, sending yourself an email or voice memo, or maintaining a Zettelkasten in your Obsidian vault, make sure to capture those thoughts. Whenever inspiration strikes or an idea comes to mind, take a moment to record it and file it away. This simple habit will provide plenty of raw materials to work with on your path to your best concepts.

You don’t need fully formed ideas; half-baked ones are just fine. Log them and continue with your day or life.

What are some examples of these not-quite-complete ideas?

Perhaps you sense an opportunity but aren’t sure where to begin. You might notice a problem without an immediate solution. Maybe you’re drawn to the essence of a product or brand and feel there should be more like it. When someone mentions wishing something existed or expresses frustration with a task, take note.

You could come across an app you enjoy and wonder why it doesn’t offer another feature or wish there were a similar app for another purpose. Discovering an intriguing business model might lead you to ponder its applications elsewhere.

The goal isn’t to have all the answers right away. Instead, when you encounter a small nugget of inspiration, keep it in your notes.

The brief moment of awareness helps the idea stay with you. Even without actively reviewing your notes, your mind will subconsciously be on the lookout. You may not be consciously attempting to complete the idea or fill in the gaps, but you’ll start to notice related things. As a bonus, you don’t lose it: it’s conveniently logged for future reference.

Over time, as you encounter new situations that remind you of the recorded idea, you’ll find yourself revisiting it.

And naturally, the cream will rise to the top. Good ideas will resurface, while the less impressive ones fade away. These ideas will merge, drawing bits and pieces from various sources until a once tiny kernel evolves into a clear concept on a more fully-formed starting point or strategy for a product or business. You might even revisit your notes and discover something written five years ago that suddenly feels ripe for the taking.

I truly hope I’ve persuaded you, as many other strategies revolve around this straightforward habit. It’s fundamentally important, and if you choose to adopt just one practice, I would highly recommend this one.